Website copy

A Seattle branding agency hired me to write all copy for Shepherd’s new website following a complete rebranding of the company’s vision, voice, and visual identity. While veterinary management software seems straightforward, the brand had a clear purpose and empathetic conversational voice that they wanted to come across throughout the site while also differentiating themselves from competing services. The result is a site that’s as welcoming and informative as it is functional.

Brand voice + website copy

Land of a Thousand Hills Coffee came to me to completely refresh their brand voice, positioning, and messaging. Once approved, I laid out a new sitemap and wrote copy for the permanent landing pages, implementing the new voice that both welcomed visitors into getting to know the brand while also sharing more concise, useful, and interesting information to increase sales. I’ve continued to work with the company as a marketing consultant and copywriter ever since. 

Introductory brochure for study abroad provider

A recent print flyer introducing college students to The Education Abroad Network. The company needed short, snappy copy that showcased the brand’s voice and personality while highlighting key offerings to entice students to visit the website.

Website copy for trendy hospitality group

Website copy for a new hostel property in Perth from GCP Hospitality Group. The brand wanted a sharp, young, lively voice that was a little bit cheeky to fit with their international target audience of 17- to 25-year-olds.

Blog management

As content manager for a New York City-based luxury hospitality digital marketing firm, I lead all aspects of multiple clients blog strategy, voice, content creation, sourcing writers, editing, publishing, and repurposing content for other channels to drive brand awareness and increase organic website traffic. Sentral’s blog, for example, saw triple-digit traffic growth throughout my year in the role.   

Display ad copy

An example of how I translated Shepherd’s brand voice to fit succinct messaging for different audiences: the “Small-practice Owner” who is overworked and stuck focusing on business rather than their passion for taking care of animals, the “Dreaming Associate” who hopes to open their own practice one day but realizes how much of a personal toll it can take, and the “Consultant” who advises practice owners on how to streamline their business. 

Explainer video script

Voiceover script to introduce a tour operator’s offerings and benefits for yoga teachers wanting to organize a retreat in Thailand. The script needed to be fast-paced and create a compelling reason to contact the company in 60 seconds.

Social media sharing copy

Educational and inspirational social media copy a tour operator provided its clients. The goal of these pre-made posts was to both educate the clients and passively help support their marketing efforts to their audience.


Online content for Lonely Planet

I’m the “Lonely Planet Local” for Chiang Mai, Thailand. Before the pandemic, I was tasked with creating short-form online posts with photos covering interesting aspects of Chiang Mai and Bangkok from an insider’s point of view. Each post needed to have a clear focus, offering a mix of practical and click-worthy info to flesh out Lonely Planet’s Thailand content. 

Feature article for inflight magazine

Along with creating marketing copy to meet varied voices and channels, I’ve also been fortunate to further fuse my love for travel and writing by contributing commissioned articles to various travel outlets. This feature for Thai Airways’ Sawasdee magazine focused on Chiang Mai’s colorful dining scene, highlighting unexpected cuisines, chefs, and venues.

Editorial direction for luxury print magazine

I was the editor of a high-end Thai travel magazine, Exotiq, overseeing all editorial content—including managing the editorial direction and workback schedule, writing the majority of stories, managing freelance writers, and working with the graphic designer—advanced my ability to continually create varied, compelling content on a tight timeline.

All writing for DMC's magazine-style sales tool

I worked closely with a B2B tour operator’s group director of marketing for 6+ years on all copy needs, including a regular publication. Created for a travel agent audience to push products/services in an educational and entertaining manner, the magazine featured company news, promotions, products, and local travel insight. I was responsible for turning each product into a story, writing all content, meeting advertorial needs, and ensuring that each issue included a variety of story styles, lengths, and visuals. 

Feature article for
in-room magazine

Thai accommodation brand Cape & Kantary printed a seasonal publication positioned in its hotel rooms featuring engaging stories about locations where the property had a presence. This eight-page spread highlighting many of Chiang Mai’s creative communities was a chance for me to showcase my deep knowledge of the city, going beyond its more well-known activities or destinations, in a thoroughly researched long-form article including quotes. I also contributed all images for the piece.                                           

Regular blog content for study abroad company

Along with writing copy for web pages, product brochures, and email campaigns for a study abroad provider, I also produced regular blog content that was designed to be both a source of information for visitors as well as boost incoming traffic and targeted keyword rankings. Content included a mix of post topics based on SEO goals (i.e. “The Best Places to Study Abroad in Australia”), promotional announcements, and student-written posts that I then edited for clarity and flow.