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How to Proofread Copy – What to Do

Don’t hit publish just yet…

Once you’re happy with your drafted copy, it’s time to go over it with a close eye to catch errors, typos and any funny wording you may have missed before. 

Just running spell check or Grammarly is not enough! 

Wondering how to proofread copy? (It’s more than just doing a quick read through.) Below are a few tips for how to systematically proofread your own work. These are taken from the Proofreading Checklist available in the Beginner Copy Kit bundle of downloads (get it here).

How to Proofread Copy

01. Let it rest

You need to let your copy – and eyes – rest. Don’t finish drafting copy and then immediately start re-reading to look for errors – you won’t see them all. Our brains and eyes are incredibly adept at filling in missing words or overlooking spelling errors, especially when we’re already familiar with the writing.

02. Print it out

If you can, print your copy out to look things over yet again. We interact with words on paper differently than on a screen and you’ll likely see something you didn’t notice before, whether a misplaced word or even a whole section that just doesn’t read right when you look at it in a different way.

03. Read it backward

It sounds strange, but starting at the bottom of the page or end of a paragraph and reading the words backward is another way to spot spelling errors, typos or out-of-place words. When reading a sentence backward, your brain can’t automatically brush over inconsistencies or missing letters and words like it does when reading normally.

Need more help?

The Proofreading Checklist includes three more steps to take while proofreading your copy PLUS 15 specific errors, typos and poor wording to look for in every piece of writing. 


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